Stivers Center

About the Stivers Center

The Stivers Center is a fully equipped Student Center available to all currently enrolled CASC students with at least one credit hour, and all CASC faculty, staff and Regents.  Some of the Features of the Stivers Center are: a student lounge area, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, a pickleball court, a racketball court, ping pong tables, cardio and weight rooms, a wallyball court, a dance studio, a hammock park, a sand volleyball court, an outdoor picnic area, locker rooms for both men and women with Shower facilities.

Hours of Operation

Facility Information


Food & Beverage


Reservations: All patrons MUST reserve the following Activity Area’s in order to use when not an open time: 


Gym Bags

Equipment Check-Out


General Policy

Facility Use: Each person must present their current Viking ID or current CASC student ID number to be checked at the front office area. If you do not have your current Viking ID and do not know your current CASC ID number, you will not be allowed to enter the Stivers Center. 

Entry Violations: False identification or using another student’s Viking ID will result in an immediate suspension from the Stivers Center for a period of one full year. Current CASC students caught letting non-students in through any entry will be suspended from the Stivers Center for one full year.

Conduct: Unruly patrons will be asked to leave the Stivers Center by CASC Stivers Center staff or campus police. Examples of unruly behavior are (but not limited to) the following: threatening employees, vandalism, damaging equipment, profanity, fighting, yelling, spitting on floors, dropping weights and hanging on basketball rims. Violations of the conduct policy can result in the suspension of all Stivers Center privileges for the period of one full year. 

Assumption of Risk

  • Each participant is responsible to determine whether he/she has the proper fitness level to participate in Stiver Center activities. Participants are strongly encouraged to consult with their health care provider(s) before starting any exercise program. 
  • Consider the consequences of your actions and do not engage in reckless behavior that may harm other patrons or damage equipment in the Stivers Center. 
  • Participation in Stivers Center Activities are voluntary. By voluntarily using the Stivers Center, I understand and assume all risk for any harm or injury sustained. 
  • Participants are responsible to abide to all rules and regulations of CASC and the Stivers Center.

Lost & Found

  • CASC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Inquire at the Stivers Center front office for lost items.
  • Found items should be turned in at the Stivers Center front office area. Unclaimed items will be held for only seven days and disposed of or given to charity.
  • Staff members are not permitted to hold valuables for patrons.

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