Student Activities

Students are actively engaged in a broad array of academic, cultural, and social organizations at Carl Albert State College. Each student has an opportunity to make a unique contribution through various clubs and organizations, like the Student Government Association all the way to community service based clubs such as The Blue and White Club; where students develop leadership skills by creating projects and initiatives that not only impact CASC, but the surrounding community as a whole. Through activities such as College Movie Nights, Bingo, and Bowling students are encouraged to socialize with their fellow students and to have experiences which will shape them for years to come. It is through Student Activities where students often times meet their future Wives, Husbands, Maid of Honor, or Best Man. The department of Student Life impacts students in ways that are intangible, but leaves lasting marks.

Special EventsThe CASC President appoints a special events committee to coordinate large activities and events that involve bringing outside entertainers and groups to the campus. An annual Special Events Calendar is printed at the beginning of each fall semester.

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