Student Disability Services

About Disability Services

Carl Albert State College is committed to providing support services to students with disabilities. These services are guided by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which prohibits discrimination against otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities and mandates that reasonable accommodations are made for such persons.

Our Mission

The mission of Carl Albert State College Student Disability Services is to ensure an atmosphere of understanding and awareness of special needs in a welcoming, friendly environment by providing or arranging reasonable accommodations and services. Student Disability Services collaborates with the campus community to promote equal access for academic and personal growth of the students we serve. Our goal is to help all students with disabilities succeed.

Students Responsibility

Students enrolled in postsecondary education are required to self-identify if they would like to request services on the basis of disability. The responsibilities of postsecondary schools are significantly different from those of school districts. Postsecondary schools are charged with the responsibility of providing appropriate academic adjustments to ensure that the student is not discriminated against on the basis of disability.

Eligibility for Services

To access these services, students must initiate their request each semester by meeting with the Disability Services Coordinator to discuss their physical or academic needs. Each student is encouraged to act as his/her own advocate and has the major responsibility for securing assistance. Early and regular contact with the counselor will help ensure services and accommodations. It is strongly recommended that all documentation be provided before the second week of classes to ensure that accommodations are met in a timely fashion. The Disability Services Coordinator can be reached at (918) 647-1231 or by email at The office is located in the Academic Affairs in Johnson Hall.

Official Request for Accommodation

All students must complete a Student Disability Services Intake Form before any accommodation can be considered. The Disability Services office can counsel or provide recommendations to the student regarding various accommodations that might be available to them; however, it is the student’s ultimate responsibility to request a specific service or need.


All students must provide documentation to support their disability or disabilities. Documentation must come from a licensed or professional source and should be written on official letterhead. Students may provide this material from their personal records or sign a release of information to request material from an individual or agency. Documentation should be dated within a 3-year period of request. High school sources may provide temporary documentation to be used for the first semester only and then students will need to be retested using adult-based norms. Student documentation must be in the form of a letter with the statement of the diagnosed disability and how it impacts classroom ability. Official medical records are not appropriate and will not be accepted to meet the documentation requirement. Information obtained is confidential and is used solely for the purposes of documenting a disability and identifying appropriate support service.

Approval Process

Once all forms are submitted and appropriate documentation is received, the student’s file is reviewed for completeness and the student is scheduled for an intake meeting. During the intake meeting, the student’s strengths and weaknesses are discussed to review the appropriateness of all requested accommodations.

Accommodations are based on need, not desire. CASC’s goal is to provide assistance to foster independence and academic progress. Services are designed to remove barriers in the classroom that could hinder a student’s ability to learn.

Apply for Disability Services

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Pat Broadwater

Disability Services Coordinator

(918) 647-1231

Student Disability Services

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