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The Office of Admissions & Records is the official keeper of student academic records and is responsible for maintaining and releasing the student’s record. Per Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendments) or FERPA, the college will not release student information to any third party without the written consent of the student. — Therefore, all requests for a transcript must be done with the student’s signature permission to do so.

Order an Official Transcript from the CASC Admission Office

Your student record is strongly protected by the Office of Admissions and it will only be released to the student with proper identification and signature permission. Students may request an official transcript using our standard transcript request form, or receive a  transcript upon demand with walk-in to the Office of Admissions, Poteau campus.  Official transcript requests are typically processed within 5 working days. There is no charge for CASC transcripts ordered through the standard Transcript Request form. Students with a Business/Finance Hold cannot order an official transcript; however once balance is paid in full, transcripts may be processed.

Current CASC students may print a copy of their unofficial transcript through their myCarlAlbert Self-Service portal account.

Order Transcript

Students may order a transcript for a small fee using the National Student Clearinghouse (NCL) services for ordering and tracking. While this paid service is quicker than the mail order service, overnight IS NOT guaranteed or advertised.

Need help? View our transcript request step-by-step instructions by clicking the "Need Help" button below.

Submit Transcript
Request Form

Once students have completed the official Transcript Request Form, they may submit their request along with a copy of their photo ID (for fax, mail, scan) to:

Pick Up Transcript
in-person at the
Office of Admissions

Students may obtain a copy of your CASC transcript at the Office of Admissions located in Hemphill Hall. The Office is open during regular business hours. Photo ID is required.

For transcript orders made during holidays, weekends, or other days the college campus may be closed, the e-Transcript and standard Transcript Requests will be delayed and processed on the next available work day.

Please allow sufficient time for the transcript to be delivered whether choosing the e-Transcript or mail order.

Order GED - Oklahoma

Oklahoma partners with Parchment to issue and maintain high school equivalency (HSE) records. You can your duplicate transcript from the Parchment website:

Order GED - State of Arkansas

If you have taken the GED® test in Arkansas and wish to have an official copy of your test results, click on the link below for instructions:

Order GED - Other States

Individuals from these states/jurisdictions can request their GED duplicate transcript using the following service:


Alabama, Alaska, Bermuda, California, DANTES, Employer Program, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, International, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, U.S. Virgin Islands, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC

Diploma Sender

Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexica, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wyoming

Contact State

For all other states, students are advised to contact their state’s Department of Education for instruction.

A high school transcript is considered official when:

  1. Electronic Delivery Sent to CASC directly from Parchment or other State utilized electronic delivery service. The State of Oklahoma has partnered with Parchment to deliver the official high school transcript directly to CASC.
  2. Mail or Hand Delivery (high school graduate), Mailed or hand delivered to CASC Office of Admissions in a sealed envelope and showing final senior year grades, date of graduation, the school’s seal, and signed by a school official.

For the Athlete, an official transcript should be delivered by Electronic Delivery, Mail, or Hand Delivery as listed above.

Students may contact their high schools records office directly and follow their instructions on how to send their official high school transcript to CASC.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is no, because without written permission to do so, the record belongs to the student and only the student has the right to get a copy of his academic record.

Students can provide written permission for the Wife to pick up the transcript. What the Office of Admissions requires is a “permissions” note, that is, student needs to write on plain paper:

  • who is picking up the transcript (full name, address, date of birth or some other identifier),
  • specify the relationship to student (Mother, Father, spouse, friend), and
  • identifying information of the student (student’s printed name and signature, last four digit of the Social Security Number, CASC ID preferred, date of birth), and
  • copy of their photo ID and the number of copies.

When students give another person permission (with the FERPA release form) to their academic records, then, that specific person may walk-in to the Office of Admissions and pick up a transcript with their photo ID. Sister may also submit the Transcript Request form by mail or fax with their photo ID. (A standard form is available to students who want to give their parent, spouse, or other permission to their academic records. Click here to print out FERPA Permissions to Release Education Record (1718) form and return it to the Office of Admissions)

There is no charge to have an official transcript printed and mailed. For a small fee, an electronic transcript is now available for electronic delivery using the services of the National Student Clearinghouse (this service is not an overnight delivery service).

The standard semester ends on Friday. Transcript are generally available no later than the following Wednesday (typically, they are available sooner.) This includes students who are graduating and are awaiting conferral of the degree.

After the term ends, graduation is a priority. Degree and date of conferral are posted to the student’s transcript and official transcripts for graduates (for those who so requested on the Grad Application) are mailed no later than the following Wednesday.

The answer is No. Students who have “Holds” on their Business Accounts from unpaid tuition, fees, fines, or other expenses can not receive an Official transcript. (Additionally, students should know that once the Transcript Request is given to the Office of Admissions and the transcript “ordered”, the official transcript will be automatically printed once the Business Hold is removed.)

Then answer is no. The Office of Admissions will not give a transcript to a student without proof of who they are.  So, if you walk-in to the Office of Admissions, you had better bring photo ID (i.e. driver’s license or CASC ID card).

The Office of Admissions does not offer overnight delivery services. We strive to process transcript requests as soon and as quickly as possible, but, do not guarantee or advertise overnight delivery of the transcript record.

No. In an effort to protect the privacy of your academic transcript record, we do not allow your transcript record to be faxed.

Students are encouraged to contact that college/university and understand their policy on how to order an official transcript. Some colleges have fees or maybe the students has a Hold on their accounts preventing delivery of the transcript. CASC does offer a standard form that students may conveniently use to order a transcript from another college and requesting a delivery to CASC. (click here for the form TRANSCRIPT REQUEST – Mail to CASC (1718)). This form is the same as used to order a high school transcript. Photo ID must accompany the request.

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