Recently, representatives from Millison Technologies met with the employees and administrators from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Carl Albert State College, Indian Capital Technology Center, Sallisaw Public Schools, Cherokee Nation Career Services, Green Country Workforce, and the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.  The meeting was held at the Carl Albert-Sallisaw campus.  The purpose of this meeting was to plan for Millison’s acquisition of the SLPT plant in Sallisaw and how to best meet the company’s workforce needs.  

Recognizing the importance of aligning education and industry needs, the discussion centered on identifying strategies to enhance workforce development and provide targeted training programs that meet the evolving demands of the automotive industry.  The goal is to help not only with the transition of the plant but to also create a pipeline of workers that will establish a quality workforce well into the future. 

The collaboration aims to develop tailored educational programs and training initiatives that will empower the local workforce. “This partnership between Carl Albert State College and Millison Technologies is a testament to our shared dedication to fostering a skilled and adaptable workforce,” said CASC President Jay Falkner.  “By working together, we can design and deliver training programs that address the specific needs of the industry, providing valuable opportunities for both current and future employees.”

The collaborative efforts will involve the development of customized training modules, organizational operations training, and other initiatives to support the workforce in adapting to the changes brought about by the acquisition. Carl Albert State College is committed to leveraging its expertise in education and training to facilitate a smooth transition for employees and contribute to the overall economic development of the region.

As details of the collaboration unfold, Carl Albert State College will provide regular updates through official communication channels, including the college website and social media platforms.


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