Financial Aid Forms & Awards

Financial Aid Forms

The following forms are or may be required for completion of the financial aid application process. Please complete all required documents listed on your Welcome Letter and/or Missing Documents Letter.

If you were selected for Verification and are required to submit an IRS Tax Return transcript or an IRS Nonfiling Verification Letter, you can request one online at the link below, complete and mail/fax in the 4506-T Form linked below, or by calling 1-800-908-9946. Select “Option 2” if requesting by phone.

If you are having trouble obtaining either of these documents, please contact our office at (918) 647-1343,, or visit us on either the Poteau or Sallisaw campus.

All students receiving federal and state aid must be aware of and follow Carl Albert State College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy.

Disbursements and Refunds

Disbursements are subject to change and will be dependent on availability of funds.  Any tuition, fees, or other charges owed to CASC by the student will be deducted from their financial aid disbursement.

Loan Disbursements for first time borrowers are held for 30 days after classes begin. You will receive your disbursement in the disbursement date closest to this time frame.  Please note that if you receive a loan for one semester only, your loan will be split in two disbursements.  One in the disbursement date closest to the completion of your Entrance Counseling, and MPN, and one after the midpoint of the semester.

Refund Information: Students must login to myCarlAlbert to choose whether to send refunds to their bank account via Direct Deposit, OR to their Student ID via Herring Bank (students must have a new ID made in the Student Affairs Office).

Before your awards will be disbursed:
You must have received an offer letter and have all required forms completed and turned in to the Office of Financial Aid before the liquidation date.

Disbursement Dates

Fall 2023Sept. 8Sept. 22Oct. 13Oct. 27Nov. 10Nov. 17Dec. 8Dec. 15
Spring 2024Feb. 16Feb. 28Mar. 8Mar. 15Apr. 5Apr. 19May 3May 17
Summer 2024June -June -July -July -----

Liquidation Dates

Fall 2023Sept. 5Sept. 18Oct. 9Oct. 23Nov. 6Nov. 14Dec. 4Dec. 11
Spring 2024Feb. 12Feb. 26Mar. 4Mar. 11Apr. 1Apr. 15May 1May 13
Summer 2024June -June -July -July -----
Net Price Calculator

Award Information

Offer letters are emailed to your CASC email account and are available to view and print on your myCarlAlbert self-service portal.  The amounts shown on the letter initially are based on full-time enrollment (12 hours or more).  If you are enrolled less than full-time, some awards may be altered before disbursement.

CASC assumes you accept all grants.  Pell Grant and FSEOG are accepted upon awarding while OTAG and BIA are accepted later in the semester when funds become available or are confirmed.  If you wish to decline your Pell Grant in order to save it for future enrollment, you must submit a signed, written statement as stated on the Financial Aid Grants page

It is your responsibility to inform the Financial Aid Office of any other outside financial assistance (ex. Voc-Rehab, scholarships outside of CASC, etc.) you may be receiving.  Failure to inform the Financial Aid Office could result in a delay or late adjustment in your financial aid awards.

Your award may be revised during the year if additional resources become available to you that are not noted on your original award letter.  Your award may also be revised or halted due to any kind of eligibility issues.

For the credit hour breakdown and estimated yearly Cost of Attendance for a Full-Time student, click here.

The Cost of Attendance (COA) reflects estimated costs that a typical student in a given set of circumstances will incur, within a moderate lifestyle, to attend an institution for a given period of time. This is used to award appropriate levels of funding to each student.  This is not what it would cost to attend school.

Summer financial aid is awarded to eligible students when their enrolled hours are confirmed.

Withdrawal Information

Carl Albert State College will NOT automatically cancel a student’s enrollment for nonpayment of tuition and fees.  Complete withdrawal from the institution is the sole responsibility of each student.  To receive a full refund or a total cancellation of financial liability, students must cancel registration in writing before the end of the officially defined drop/add period for that semester.  Students may cancel registration by filing a Complete Withdrawal Form in the Admissions Office or by submitting a letter to the Admissions Office.

Withdrawals from the institution and changes of enrollment during a defined drop/add period will result in full charges for courses added and full refund or credit for courses dropped.  No refunds of charges will be made if students completely withdraw or drop classes after the defined drop/add period for that semester, and full liability for that semester’s cost will be incurred by students except as stipulated for Title IV aid recipients.  Administrative Withdrawals (AW) are assigned only to students who have been “involuntarily” withdrawn by CASC during the designated semester for health or disciplinary reasons and must be approved by the Academic Affairs office after required documentation has been submitted. Complete withdrawal requests made to instructors or by telephone do not guarantee removal from classes or obligations.

Click Here for the steps students must complete to fully withdraw from the college and eliminate all encumbrances.

Any student that received Title IV funds (Pell Grant, FSEOG, Direct Subsidized Loan, Direct Unsubsidized Loan, or a Parent PLUS Loan) is required to return a portion of that aid to the Federal Government and/or Carl Albert State College if the student:

  • Did a Complete Withdrawal after the final drop date, but on or before 60% of the semester has been completed.
  • Received all F’s that resulted in a 0.00 GPA for the term and ceased attendance after the final drop date, but on or before 60% of the semester has been completed.
  • Received a combination of F’s and W’s that resulted in a 0.00 GPA for the term and ceased attendance after the final drop date, but on or before 60% of the semester has been completed.

The student will be notified within 30 days of the withdrawal as to the portion of the funds that need to be returned.

Fall 2023

Fall 2023Date of Withdrawal% of Term Completed
1st 8 weekSeptember 19, 202360%
16 weekOctober 22, 202360%
2nd 8 weekNovember 14, 202360%

Spring 2024

Spring 2023Date of Withdrawal% of Term Completed
1st 8 weekFebruary 18, 202460%
16 weekApril 2, 202460%
2nd 8 weekApril 25, 202460%

Summer 2024

Summer 2023Date of Withdrawal% of Term Completed
8 weekJuly 5, 202460%

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