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Admission Requirements

The applicant MUST meet the following criteria to be eligible for admission to the Associate in Applied Science (Physical Therapist Assistant) program:
1. ACT Composite Score
A. Enhanced ACT (taken after September 1989) composite score of 19 required – no points given.
B. Original ACT (taken prior to September 1989) composite score of 16 required – no points given.
C. The minimum ACT composite score is not required for applicants who have earned a prior degree; however applicants may elect to take the ACT in order to earn points.
D. Points will be given for ACT Composite Scores above 19 Enhanced or above 16 Original as follows:
Enhanced ACT            Original ACT                Points
20-22                            17-21                        5
23-25                            22-24                        10
26 or above                   25 or above               15
2. Grade point average:
A. A retention grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 (C) or above on academic work completed is required.
B. All courses required for the PTA program must be completed with a minimum grade of “C”.
C. Points will be given for GPA (college courses or high school) using the following guidelines:
12 hours college credit or more attempted – use retention college GPA (high school transcript not required – submit college transcripts)
11 hours college credit or fewer – use high school GPA (submit high school transcript)
                            College GPA            H.S. GPA
Retention GPA        Points                                 Points
2.50 – 2.74                5                                        4
2.75 – 2.99                10                                        8
3.00 – 3.24                15                                        12
3.25 – 3.49                20                                        16
3.50 – 3.74                25                                        20
3.75 – 4.00                30                                        24
Note: Grades earned in zero level courses are not included in calculating the retention GPA nor are they included in the 12 hours of college credit.
3. Required College Hours Completed
Applicant may earn one (1) point for each required general education credit hour completed. Only general education credit hours required for completion of the Associate in Applied Science (Physical Therapist Assistant) program will be counted. 23 points possible
4. Prior Degrees Earned
A. The minimum ACT Composite score is required for applicants who have earned a prior degree.
B. Points will be given for prior degrees as follows:
Associate’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 points
Bachelor’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 points
Master’s or higher . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 points
5. Clinical Observation Preference Points: (Optional)
Clinical Observation: Five (5) preference points will be awarded to applicants who successfully complete a total of at least 16 hours of clinical observation in at least 2
different physical therapy settings in at least 2 separate Physical Therapy clinics
(example: hospital – 8 hours and outpatient – 8 hours) All observations must be done
under the supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant, no
exceptions. All documented hours must be submitted on the form provided by the CASC
Department of Physical Therapist Assistant Education in the application packet. Copies of this form may be duplicated as needed.
6. Earned College Courses: (Optional)

Applicant will earn points for all courses listed as Earned College Hours. The following performance based scale is applied to all courses used for the application process. A = 4 / B = 3 / C = 2. Courses are only scored if complete and graded on official transcript prior to February 1st Application Deadline. These courses are NOT required prior to application.

ENGL 1113- English Comp 1
ENGL 1213- English Comp 2
ZOO 2124- Anatomy
ZOO 2114- Physiology
HIST 1483 or 1493 – American History
POS 1113 American Federal Government
PSY 1113 Intro to Psychology
Math 1513 – College Algebra
AHS 1113 – Medical Terminology
Zoology 1114 – General Zoology
Chemistry 1115 – General Chemistry I
7. Reading Scores: (no points given)
A. A 12th grade reading level is required.
B. Applicants whose “Original ACT” combined Social Studies and Natural Sciences subtest scores are less than 28 will be required to take the COMPASS Test for Reading and achieve a minimum score of 81.
C. Applicants whose “Enhanced ACT” Reading subtest score is less than 19 will be required to take the COMPASS Test for Reading and Achieve a minimum score of 81.
8. Math Competency
A. ACT Math Subtest Score of 19 required
B. Applicants who’s ACT Math subtest score is less than 19 may meet this requirement
by having completed Math 0123 – Intermediate Algebra or Math 1513 – College
Algebra with a minimum grade of “C”.
9. All science courses required by the physical therapist assistant program must have been completed within the last five (5) years prior to the student’s admission into the physical therapist assistant program. A grade of “C” or better must be made in the science courses. Courses to which this policy applies are:
Zoology 2124 Human Anatomy
Zoology 2114 Human Physiology
10. Summation of admission requirements
Admission to the AAS PTA Education program is very competitive. Meeting the minimum requirements for admission does not guarantee acceptance.
Applicants are scored on a number of objective criteria. The criteria include:
a. ACT Composite Score;
b. Retention GPA (≥12 college hours/college GPA) (<11 college hours/HS GPA);
c. Completed general education courses that are required for the AAS PTA degree;
d. Supplemental courses completed;
e. Completion of a prior degree from an accredited college or university;
f. Completion of observation hours.
Selection of applicant is based on TOTAL POINT SCORE
Note: It is requested that applicants pick up application packets in person so that specific information may be verified. If the applicant cannot come to the campus to pick up a packet, one will be mailed upon telephone request by the applicant. Please do not ask family members or friends to pick up an application packet for you.
Forms and information included in the application packet MAY NOT be copied without written permission from the Health Sciences Division.
Applicants who submit an application after February 1st, may be considered IF the admission quota is not met. Late applicants will be considered prior to classes starting in the fall semester on a space available basis.

Application Procedures

1. Complete the admission process for Carl Albert State College, including the ACT college entrance test.
2. Complete an application form for admission to the Associate in Applied Science in the Physical Therapist Assistant program. Application will be available October 1st.* Application is PARTIALLY completed in the following link on this webpage.
3. Provide a copy of your ACT scores: (must be sent separately from online application to PTA Department)
    A. Applicants whose Original ACT combined Social Studies and Natural Science subtest score is less than 28 will be required to take the COMPASS Test for         Reading and achieve a minimum score of 81.
    B. Applicants taking the Enhanced ACT, administered after September 1989, must have a minimum score of 19 on the Reading subtest. Applicants with a         score lower than this will be required to take the COMPASS Test for Reading and achieve a minimum score of 81. A 12th grade reading level on this test is         required for admission into the PTA program.
    C. Math requirements – See page 4 of packet.
4. Provide an official copy of your transcript from high school and ALL colleges attended (including CASC).** (must be sent separately from online application to PTA Department)
5. Provide a copy of your updated clinical observation (if available) for supplemental points on the application. (must be sent separately from online application to PTA Department) If you submitted application prior to this year you will need to notify the PTA department in writing if you would like the former clinical observation hours transferred from your previous application to the current application. Clinical Observation hours may be used for two application cycles.
6. The application process must be completed by February 1st of each year. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check with the division office to be sure all required forms and/or information have been received before the February 1st deadline.
7. Applicants will be notified by mail of the decision of the Admissions Committee. Applicants who are not admitted may reapply in subsequent years.
    *Only one class is admitted each year – in the fall semester. Application packets are available in the Health Sciences Division office after October 1st each             year.
        **An official copy of ALL transcripts must be submitted with the application.
Upon admission into the PTA program, the applicant will be required to complete a Health Survey form and Criminal Background Check.

Clinical Observation Documentation Form

Use this form to document the location and time of clinical observation hours used as a supplement to the application. These are submitted after application has been submitted but prior to February 1.

Observation Documentation

Admission of a Person with Arrest or Criminal Conviction

No individual may be admitted to the Associate in Applied Science (Physical Therapist Assistant) program who has not or will not complete any parole and/or probationary requirements prior to the applications deadline.
Individuals who have been arrested and/or convicted of a felony offense, a drug or alcohol related offense, or certain offenses involving moral turpitude (i.e., larceny) prior to admission to the PTA program are considered on an individual basis by the Admissions Committee. In these deliberations, the Committee considers the following factors:
1. The nature of the crime(s);
2. Evidence of rehabilitation;
3. Personal characteristics;
4. Behavior/action since the offense was committed;
5. The total criminal records; and
6. The disciplinary action of the court.
Individuals with an arrest and/or criminal conviction are advised that the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision will consider their application for licensure by examination on an individual basis. This may require a personal appearance before the Board in the final semester of the program. It is a prerogative of the Board to grant or deny the application.

Program Information

Location: Carl Albert State College, Poteau OK
Class Size:  16 (1 class accepted each Fall semester)

Entrance: Competitive

Application Period for PTA will open on October 1, 2017 for the fall of 2018 Class. Please contact the department for more information at 918-647-1285 or email

Faculty:  2 full-time, 1 adjunct

CASC PTA Policy and Procedures Manual

Tuition:  Tuition and Fees Chart

Financial Aid:  CASC Financial Aid Office

College Admissions: CASC Admissions Office

Student Achievement

2 Year Ultimate Licensure Pass Rate:
2016: 94% (16/17)
2017: 100% (11/11)

Total 2016-2017=  27/28= 96%

Graduation Rate:
2016: 100% (17/17)
2017: 100% (12/12)

2 Year Employment Rate: 2016-2017 = 100%
(Graduates Passing Licensure Exam Seeking Employment in Physical Therapy)

PTA Info Packet

Application Period for PTA will open on October 1, 2017 for the fall of 2018 Class. Please contact the department for more information at 918-647-1285 or email

Contact Us

Carl Albert State College
Physical Therapist Assistant Education
1507 S. McKenna
Poteau, OK  74953

Program Director
Kendal Repass, MS, PTA, ATC

Academic Coordinator Clinical Education
Jeri Hobday, LPT

Bill Carroll, MPT

Office Manager
Dee Steele

Information Packet

Student Outcome Data

2 Year Ultimate Licensure Pass Rate:
2015: 16/16
2016: 15/16
Total 2015-2016=  31/32= 97%

Graduation Rate:
2015: 100% (17/17)
2016: 94% (15/16)

2 Year Employment Rate: 2015-2016 = 100%
(Graduates Passing Licensure Exam Seeking Employment in Physical Therapy)



The Physical Therapist Assistant Education program at
Carl Albert State College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)
1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314;
telephone: 703-706-3245;

Accreditation Status: Full
11/17/2010 – 12/31/2020

The Higher Learning Commission
Carl Albert State College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission through the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The address and telephone number of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools is:
The Higher Learning Commssion
30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400
Chicago, Illinois 60602-2504
Telephone: (800) 621-7440