Clubs & Organizations

Clubs and Organization 30 Day Activity Form

Student Government Association (SGA)
Sponsor: Shara Olive

The governing organization for the student population is the Student Government Association, which operates under a Constitution approved by the student body.  SGA offers opportunities for development of cooperative effort, initiative, and leadership.  Details on eligibility for membership or office in the SGA are available from the Student Life Coordinator in the Office of Student Affairs. The Student Activities Board (SAB) is a special coordinating committee of the SGA that plans and implements Student Activities.

CASC Geeks and Nerds Association
Sponsor: Randy Armstrong

A Student club in which nerds and geeks of all kinds can come together in a safe and friendly environment to obsess over their favorite show, books, movies, games, and anything else that they are completely mad over.

Native American Association
Sponsor: Diana Smith /918-647-1390

Membership in this club is not limited to students of direct Native American descent, but is open to any student interested in learning about Native American Culture or in perpetuating Native American Heritage. The club sponsors field trips, cultural events, and quest speakers on campus.

Audio/Visual Club
Sponsor: Scotty Morrison

The CASC A/V Club runs the CASC Viking Radio station (KVIK Radio 88.7). They produce podcasts, radio shows, video content, short films etc. The A/V aims to promote the appreciation audio and video entertainment, news, and various other kinds of media within the state of Oklahoma. Along with day to day operations of KVIK Radio the A/V Club also hosts various film screenings on the CASC Campus.

Baptist Collegiate Ministries
Sponsor: Susan Hill 918-647-1472/
BCM Director: Bentley Hill 918-647-4639

This organization contributes to the spiritual life of the students at Carl Albert State College.  Located in a building constructed just off campus by the Leflore Baptist Association and Southern Baptist Convention of Oklahoma, its activities are open to students of all denominations and faiths.

Outdoor Vikes (Sallisaw Campus)
Sponsor: Paul Marshall /918-776-9242

The Purpose of Outdoor Vikes shall be to educate and facilitate the students with the enjoyment of the outdoors, such as; fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, etc.

Vike Fit (Sallisaw Campus)
Sponsor: Kiristin Peerson /918-647-2222

The Purpose of Vike Fit shall be to encourage physical activity, healthy behaviors and overall wellness to sustain healthy and fit lifestyles for the student body at Carl Albert State College.

CASC Dancers
Sponsor: Crissy Keeton

The purpose of CASC Dancers is to learn new styles of dancing, and incorporate others to teach their peers, and bring in professionals. CASC Dancers is also able to perform, and put dances on and off the CASC campus. CASC Dancers will learn together and work together using dance for the betterment of the community and campus.

Sponsor: Tommy Smith

The purpose of this club is to enhance the students’ knowledge of areas involving computer science, discuss advancements of computing technology, and provide a fun and safe learning experience.

Debate and Forensics Team
Sponsor: Shawna Blake

This team of CASC students will work on writing and presenting speeches as well as crafting and performing oral interpretation of literature pieces and then traveling to compete against other colleges in various categories.     This organization focuses on students becoming better speakers while having fun and developing important critical thinking and presentational skills.  For more information please contact the sponsor.

Intramural Sports
Sponsor: Scotty Morrison /918-647-1374

This organization provides fun recreational athletic activities for the students and faculty/staff of CASC on a competitive level.  This includes events and tournaments in sports such as volleyball, dodge ball, flag-football, basketball, and physical fitness challenge.

Phi Theta Kappa (ΦΘΚ), also available on the Sallisaw campus
Sponsors: Annette Staats – Poteau Campus – (
Jamie Henson – Sallisaw Campus – (
Marsha Caughern (

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society has recognized academic excellence in the two-year colleges since 1918 and has become the largest and one of the most prestigious honor societies in higher education.  Our chapter was chartered in 1979 as Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter.  Phi Theta Kappa membership is by invitation only to students who have completed at least 12 credit hours at CASC toward their degree with a 3.5 or better grade point average.  Students may be either full-time or part-time and must enjoy the full rights of citizenship of their country.  For more information, see our chapter web-site through the CASC home-page or the international web-site at

Residence Hall Council
Sponsor: Scotty Morrison /918-647-1374

All residential students are members of the Residence Hall Council. The purpose of this organization is to promote unity among housing residents, protect members’ rights, settle disputes dealing with the residence halls and residents, act as a sounding board for residents, and create an environment of social and cultural functions.

Student Education Association (SNA)
Sponsor: Susan Hill

Student Education Association of Carl Albert State College will promote interest in the education field.  It will help develop personal growth and professional competence.  It will also provide opportunities for participating in cooperative work on the profession and surrounding communities.  Membership is open to all CASC education majors.

Student Nurses Association (SNA)
Co-Sponsors: Krystal Newlan & Cara Stewart

Membership in the SNA is open to nursing majors.  The CASC chapter is a constituent of the National Student Nurses Association. The purpose of the organization is to provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interest and concerns and to further the development of the whole person in his/her professional role.

Student Support Services (SSS) Club
Sponsor: Kimberly Price

The SSS  focuses on helping non-traditional students 25 and older cope and compete in a world of traditional college students and shall exist to promote social and cultural opportunities, strengthen confidence and supports academic success to students in Student Support Services (SSS) at CASC; and to encourage their participation in campus activities.

Viking Ambassadors
Co-Sponsors: Rachel Johnson & Hunter Sisemore  

Viking Ambassadors contribute directly to the recruitment of the students of Carl Albert State College. They are responsible for creating a supportive, student-centered atmosphere by planning, promoting, executing and supporting events on campus.