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Carl Albert State College recognizes that a well-balanced student activity program, which provides an opportunity for the expression and development of student interests, will stimulate a student both academically and personally. The wide range of activities offered at CASC allows students to develop worthwhile skills and express their talents. Through participation in planning campus activities, each student has an opportunity to make a unique contribution. This involvement also enhances each student’s personal development.

Carter Lecture Series
Established in 1986, the family of the late state Senator and Mrs. Clem M. Hamilton formed the Hamilton Lecture Series to honor their parents. When the Honorable Jimmy Carter spoke in 1989, the Hamilton Series was to end, but former President Carter was so impressed with the theme and purpose of the lectures that he pledged a sufficient endowment to continue the series. Named in honor of Carter, the yearly lectures always present outstanding political and educational leaders.

Cultural Enrichment
CASC supports the efforts for on-campus multi-cultural activities, student organizations, and programs which provide educational opportunities to help develop an awareness of cultural differences, to deepen an understanding of cultural and heritage differences.

Special Events
The CASC President appoints a special events committee to coordinate large activities and events that involve bringing outside entertainers and groups to the campus. An annual Special Events Calendar is printed at the beginning of each fall semester.