Cost to Attend


The cost to attend Carl Albert State College is assessed on certain variables. Students are charged tuition and fees per credit hour of enrollment. Other charges are assessed per course or per semester and vary according to coursework. Textbook and educational supplies also vary according to the course taken. While housing is not required of incoming freshman, room and board is available when local accommodations are required.

In-State     How much does it cost to attend CASC? The estimated cost per semester for a student attending Carl Albert State College full-time at 15 cr-hrs is $2,558.75 for in-state tuition & fees with textbook and education supplies; or $4,558.75 when on-campus housing is a consideration. Of course, this is just an estimate. Other costs have to be considered that will add to this estimate total, such as additional course fees or private room housing or taking more or less credit load … all these factors that will alter this estimated cost of attendance.
<2018-2019 Tuition & Fee Chart>   <Estimated Cost to Attend One Web Course>

Example for an Oklahoma In-State Resident student enrolling in 15 credit hours per semester:

Tuition & Fees
Books & Supplies
Room & Board
$ 1,908.75
$   650.00
$ 2,000.00
$ 4,558.75

Out-of-State      Students who are attending CASC and residents of another state are considered an Out-of-State Non-Resident and charged, for full-time at 15 cr-hrs, $4,621.25 in out-of-state tuition & fees with textbook and education supplies, or $6,621.25 when on-campus housing is a consideration. However, a Tuition Waiver ($137.50 per credit hour) will be awarded to Non-Resident Students that will reduce their Estimated Cost per Semester to that equal to In-State tuition levels. (This Non-Resident Tuition Waiver does not apply to International Students).

Example for an Out-of-State Non-Resident student enrolling in 15 credit hours per semester:

Tuition & Fees
Books & Supplies
Room & Board
Estimated Cost per Semester
< Non-Resident Tuition Waiver – Reduction >
$ 3,971.25
$    650.00
$ 2,000.00
$ 6,621.25
< $2,062.50 >
$ 4,558.75

Net Price Calculator     The net price calculator is a tool published by the Department of Education that students and parents may use to get an estimate of what it may cost to attend Carl Albert State College on a yearly basis (caution: the most current NPC is three academic years old). Read more….Higher Education Opportunity Act

Carl Albert State College is offering this net price calculator as required in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2009 (see HEOA Sec. 111 which amended HEA Title I, Part C: added HEA Sec. 132(a), Sec. 132(h) (20 U.S.C. 1015a(a), 20 U.S.C. 1015a(h))).

Textbook and Textbook Prices     The estimated cost per textbook described above is an estimated only cost. The price per new textbook may be found on the Viking Bookstore web site at and when term and course is known.

Tuition and Fees Per Credit Hour

<click here for 2018-2019 Tuition & Fee Chart>

Oklahoma Resident Tuition               =    $  91.25
Out-of-State Non-Resident Tuition  =   $228.75
Mandatory Fees (defined below)       =   $  36.00
>>$  7.00 Data Processing Fee
>>$  3.00 Assessment Fee
>>$  3.00 Library Fee
>>$ 11.00 Activity Fee
>>$ 11.00 Facility Fee
>>$  1.00 Records Fee

Residents Total Resident Tuition & Fees = $127.25 per credit hour  ($91.25 + 36.00 = $127.25 per credit hour)

Non-Residents Total Non-Resident Tuition & Fees = $264.75 per credit hour     ($228.75 + 36.00 = $264.75 per credit hour)
Non-Resident Tuition Waiver of $137.50 per credit hour
Adjusted Total Non-Resident Tuition & Fees = $127.25 per credit hour  ($264.75 – $137.50)

Non-Resident Tuition Waiver       CASC awards to all its Out-of-State students a Non-Resident Tuition Waiver of $137.50 per credit hour that reduces charges to the comparable Resident Tuition & Fees Total of $127.25 per credit hour. Therefore, after the tuition waiver, Out-of-State Residents will pay In-State Tuition & Fees rates. (This adjusted total does not apply to International Student Enrollments who are charged full Out-of-State Tuition of $ 228.75 per credit hour.)

Additional Charges – (Add to Tuition & Fees)

The following charges  describe the additional fees that will be added to the Total Tuition & Fees costs for each semester of enrollment. When Additional Charges apply, the additional cost is determined on a per Credit Hour or Course value, or as a per semester charge, as follows:

Per Credit Hour Charges

Additional Charge: Amount per Credit Hour
Web Courses Fee (all online courses)
Remedial Fee (all zero-level courses)
Supply/Lab Fee (HPER courses, where applied)
Science Lab Fee (BIO, BOT, CHEM, GEOL, PHYS, ZOO courses, where applied)
Health Science Fee (AHS, PHTA, NUR courses, where applied)
Visual & Performing Arts Fee (ART, DRMA, SPCH, MUS courses, where applied)Occupational Health & Safety Fee (all OHS courses, where applied)
Computer Science Fee (all CS courses, where applied)
$ 33.00

Per Course Charges

Additional Charge: Amount per Course
Language Arts Division Academic Service Fee (Per Course)
Natural Sciences Division Academic Fee (Per Course)
Mathematics Division Academic Service Fee (Per Course)
HPER Division Academic Service Fee (Per Course)
Health Science Fee (Per Course)
Health Sciences Division Academic Service Fee (Per Course)
Physical Therapy Assistant Division Service Fee (Per Course)
Social and Behavioral Sciences Division Academic Service Fee (Per Course)
Business and Technical Occupation Division Academic Service Fee (Per Course)
Fine Arts Division Academic Service Fee (Per Course)
$ 50.00

Per Semester Charges

Additional Charge: Amount per Semester
Student ID Charge (per semester for all students)
International Student Fee (per semester for Internationals)
$ 4.00

Billing and Payment

Billing Statement

Now that you have enrolled into classes, where can you view your charges? Once a student enrolls into courses at CASC, the student may view their charges in their student portal account VIKECONNECT or at the Business Office at either campus. This statement reflects current tuition & fees and all additional charges (per course or per credit hour or per semester) will not reflect immediately any financial aid such as Pell Grant funds, scholarships, VA benefits, tuition waivers, etc until the Business and Financial Aid awards those funds. Once awarded, the student’s bill will reflect tuition & fees charges less any monetary aid awarded. The balance will be reflected to the students account and may be viewed in VIKECONNECT or in the Business Office system with the VIKECONNECT Business ledger indicating a disbursement of remaining funds to the student’s new VIKING ID CARD. (Business Cashier 918-647-1325 or Sallisaw Business 918-775-6977).

Important: Students should know that tuition and fees may change after publication of this catalog and without notice. Students may view a copy of the most recent, updated Tuition & Fee Chart in the Business Office or online (Tuition & Fee Chart for 2018-2019)


The Cashier’s window in the Business Office is the billing and collection point for all student accounts. The Student Accounts Manager issues invoices, receives payments, and posts charges and credits to students’ accounts. All questions concerning student accounts should be directed to the Student Accounts Manager. Please make payments in person or, if you prefer, by mail or with debit/credit card to:

Mailing Address:
Carl Albert State College, Attn: Business Office, 1507 South McKenna, Poteau, OK 74953-5208

Phone Payment:  918-647-1325

Billing and Payment Schedule

Tuition and fees payment deadline is the first day of class of all semesters. All students are encouraged to pay estimated tuition and fees at the time of enrollment. Students may receive a statement of estimated tuition and fees at the time of enrollment by coming to the Business Office located in Hemphill Hall.

Billing information may also be viewed on-line through the CASC Portal. Students may receive their CASC User Name and Password from their academic advisor.

On the first business day after November 1 for the fall semester, April 1 for the spring semester, and July 10 for the summer semester, all students with an unpaid balance of then current semester tuition or mandatory fee charges will be accessed a late fee equal to 10% of the current semester unpaid tuition and mandatory fees.

Students with unpaid tuition and fees may continue to attend classes through final exams. However, those who have delinquent tuition and fees accounts after the payment deadline will be charged a penalty of 10% of the unpaid tuition balance. Payments must be made by the end of a semester or students may also be charged collection agency costs. Pre- enrollments for future terms may be prohibited until charges for the current semester are paid in full. Regardless of when tuition and fees are paid, the total amount is required; selective course payment is not possible. The Chief Financial Officer cannot extend the dates noted. All requests for financial assistance should be made at the CASC Student Financial Aid Office located in Hemphill Hall.

Amount of Charges

All tuition and fees are subject to change each semester; thus the published rates in this catalogue may no longer be in effect, and may increase between the pre-enrollment period and the first day of classes. Increases are reflected when charges are calculated after the drop/add period. Should a student pay the estimated charges before the drop/add period ends, they will still owe for the increases when they are calculated.